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 French Signal Lantern circ 1920.

​German Hand Key
manufactured by Allei 1939 / 40

​Abney level and clinometer by Elliot Bros. Circ 1863-86.

Rotary Barrel Switch –
Gambrell Bros Ltd circ 1920.

  Russian Military Marine Key
from R-654 Transmitter Set.
Circ 1960 

​​British Hand Key circ 1920 – 1940 - Unknown Manufacturer.

About Me

Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Mark Brundrit or 'Brun' to most people, a nickname I aquired while serving in the Royal Navy. Unlike most Radio Amateurs who were ex forces and were Radio Communication trained, I came to the hobby late, very late really, infact only in March 2012 did I get my Foundation Licence. In the services I was a Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic and have been out since 1986. I now work as a Narrowboat Engineer and spend blocks of time on my own boat away from my very long suffering wife, but after 30 years she seems to have got used to me. When my great uncle passed I inherited items that the rest of the family weren't interested in or knew anything about namely his radio equipment. He was very interested in Short Wave Radio and had a homebrew power supply feeding a lovely R1155 A Receiver in wonderful condition and fully working. This got my inquisitive juices flowing and I just had to set it up and see if I could get life out of it. Well after running yards of wire round the house and connecting it to what I hoped was the right sockets I heard voices. That was it, the seed had been sown and my quest to know more started. There was only one thing for it, get my amateur licence and learn more. This process got me interested in going back to basics and C.W. was my goal. Over the past few years I have collected and researched all things telegraph related, Keys, Relays, Galvanometers and now back to crystal radio and early spark equipment.

Air Ministry Receiver Type R1155 A Designated 10D/820 S/N 56075 fitted to Lancaster Bombers in WW2
This Radio is what started it all off.

Please browse my collections which are by no means complete and to which I am adding to constantly. What you see is only two thirds of the current total, the remaining being lovingly cleaned and made well again. Please feel free to comment on anything, even if you feel I have got something wrong, I'm always willing to discuss my research and will always help with information if I can, I hope you enjoy. And please keep returning to see new items as they get posted.